Write a call to action that makes readers do what you want!


How to write a perfectly crafted call to action that creates your desired affect on the reader. You’ve spent a good amount of time writing articles that stand out yet people end up leaving your blog, never signing-up or commenting on your post. You need to learn how to get your visitors to do what you want…

Learn How To write a Call to action:

It takes time to perfect writing a better post and it’s the same with writing an effective call to action.

Step 1  Say what you mean : Tell your visitor Exactly what you want of them. but dress it up with creativity without being to clever. For Example instead of writing ” Buy my E-book” write “What increased traffic to your blog? buy my e-book”.

Step 2 Create a sense of urgency : Make your call to action seem urgent by adding phrases like “for a limited time”, “Act Now!” or “Don’t Miss !. This creates the sense that if you don’t act now you’ll loose big-time.

Step 3 State the benefits : Give the reader reasons to “Act Now!” for example ” Sign-Up and stand a chance to win a Ipod” Keep it short though, a call to action should be a short powerful piece of convincing text.

Step 4 Promise something More: offer something extra to make your reader react to your call to action. Example “Sign-up and you automatically entered into a draw for a holiday away.

Step 5 Motivate : Make it personal and motivational, example “You are just one step away from owning a piece of your destiny subscribe now.”

A call to action is a vital part of every post whats the use of writing 100′s of meaningless posts with no goal see : how to write better posts.

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