Control Smartphone Temperature Levels with Thermodo

The great minds in the ICT industry, in a stroke of genius, came up with the best device ever: a smartphone. Unfortunately, despite being “smart” and all, these devices are still vulnerable. One of the reasons why a smartphone gets damaged is due to its exposure to high temperature. Electronic gadgets have small components that may get affected by extreme temperatures, and this can lead deterioration. The unpredictability of the weather makes this a huge concern. Good thing there are applications that let you monitor your smartphone’s temperature. One of them is Thermodo, a thermostat created by Danish developer Robocat. Thermodo is a tiny attachment that fits into the handset’s headphone jack and becomes a thermometer once you open the associated application. With this, preventing your phone’s components from freezing or melting is entirely on your hands.

A smartphone or tablet is exposed to unhealthy temperature when it’s used for long hours. When this happens, the heat may wear out your phone’s components, leading to its destruction. Playing online games at Facebook or Partypoker for hours on end is a classic example. These games are very fun and entertaining, that you tend to forget that you’ve been on it for almost half a day. Because of this, the friction between your hand and your handset can produce too much heat. Games last longer than you can imagine, depending on the number of players at a poker table. Of course, you’ll be forced to leave the game if you lose all your chips in the early part of the game. But if you’re someone who plays like Gus Hansen or Jan Vang Sorensen, chances are you will need your smartphone longer than usual. In real money online poker games, you don’t play with average players; you play with skilled ones from all over the world. It is hard to lose all your chips due to the fear of your smartphone breaking down. If your handset has a thermometer, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Your mind can focus solely on the game at hand.

Weather forecasts are not accurate enough to determine the temperature, which is why a device like Thermodo is created. It measures temperatures in the range of –20 °C to +50 °C (–5 ºF to 120 ºF). The device is yet to be sold in full scale, but during its Kickstarter campaign earlier this year, Robocat was able to meet its $35,000 goal in just seven hours. The Danish company anticipates a bigger market for their invention, however, they are lacking funds for full production. Although, with the way the Kickstarter went, it looks like the team is bound for something great. People care for their smartphones as much as they care for their bodies. With the benefits that Thermodo brings, I’m pretty sure smartphone aficionados will be delighted.

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