Many people who bought the Cell C speed-stick are now complaining of very slow speeds (see here for one such complaint). Many of those who traded there low speed adsl lines from telkom fro Cell C’s “super fast” internet are now frustrated at the amazing “super slow” speeds they are actually receiving.

The Blame Game:

Who is to blame tho is it Cell C for not advertising sufficiently, that their speeds are not constant and best results can be achieved with in the coverage area ? The  South African Advertising Bureau seems to be okay with the ads tho . So then maybe its the consumer’s fault for not educating themselves with the product or is technology letting us down?

The Result :

Many more people have slow internet but at the same time many more South Africans have access to the internet for the first time.

What Do you think ? did you have the same experience, are you planing on buying? let me know drop your comment below, maybe even help others decide…

Peace – Chadwin Solomon

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