Blackberry goes more business – conferencing app launched

 Blackberry has launched a new app helping the business types who often dial into conference calls.  The app will allow you to connect to any calls on your schedule. 

The conference call app which is directly built into the native calendar of the phone now has fields for dial-in numbers and passcodes, with shortcuts to launch a call as soon as your appointment reminder pops up.

What happens when you lose connection during a call?  No need to worry RIM has got you covered.  A pop-up will allow you to reconnect with one touch of the screen.  Conference call organisers will have the option to allow only certain invitees to dial-in by sharing moderator dial-in codes with them.

The conferencing app is clearly a move by Blackberry to increase its business phone persona.  RIM being one of the brands which first introduced e-mail on mobile phones has had some difficulting in maintaining its business appeal due to many of the features that made it popular being widely available on almost every mobile phone today. 

Its still not clear whether RIM would include the app and its features in all its phones, some believe they would only inlcude it in their high end phones which are usually bought by businessfolk who spend lots of time on the phone. 

Peace – Chadwin

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