3 Blogging Quotes every Blogger needs to know!

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Content is King – possibly Bill Gates

This phrase most likely has its roots in the 1996 article written by Bill Gates called the “Content is King Article”. In the article Gates says he believes content will be the place where real money is made and how right he was, content is the number one driving force behind online businesses today.

If your an online outlet for great content people will come and when you get the people money wont be far off.

There is no substitute for a well written, well planned blog post.

Remember the cornerstone of every blog is well written high quality posts that focus on the needs of the reader.


Some have come out and said that “connectivity is king” Idisagree, Facebook is probably todays best example of social  connectivity, but what would Facebook be without content (images,videos,games,notes,status updates)?

Even though connectivity is a major reason the internet is so successful its still often just a means to connect to more content.


Make your blogs content king by applying these simple rules :

  • No spelling mistakes.
  • Generally correct grammar,(you’ve got some room here).
  • Functional layouts that aren’t eye straining.
  • Quality Videos and podcasts that are easy on the ears.
  • Information presented in a brilliant style that you cannot get anywhere else or that isn’t as in-depth anywhere else


“What do you want your blog to be known for – and what changes need to happen if you’re to achieve that?” – Darren Rowse

Many who start a blog, start without a plan and this still remains one of the main reasons why blogs fail and never become successful.


Whether you just started a blog or have been at it for a while its good to stop regularly to check whether your blog is inline with your original plan.


Suppose you are about to build a house and you get an Architect to design it, a builder to build it and after you approve the design the architect hands the drawings to the builder.


Now imagine the builder the builds your home but not according to the Architect or Engineers specifications and makes it up as he goes along would you be comfortable living in that house? the integrity of that home will be compromised since it wasn’t built to specification right?


Darren’s quote is some thing i ask my self regularly to make sure i stay on track and the various blogs i own achieve the goals i set for each of them.

Resist the urge to just go out and blog anything unless you doing it purely for fun else plan and structure your posts to achieve your desired Goals.

So why don’t you evaluate your blog today. Does it line up with your original intentions? if not what can you do to make it line up with your dreams? Thanks for the words of wisdom Darren (founder of problogger.net).


All you future Google Whores might want to pay attention to what I’m about to reveal.- John Chow.

Round about 2006 John Chow one of the internet’s most famous bloggers, founder of techzone and the popular “Make Money Online” blog  johnchow.com was banned from Google for violating its policy.

John Chow back then was running this thing where if you linked to him using the anchor text “Make Money Online” he would link back to you, this helped him gain popularity fast  i mean really fast, soon he ranked tops for the keywords make money online. This However got him banned from Google.

For most bloggers getting banned from Google will mean the end of their blog.

But instead of seeing a drop in his traffic John saw a huge increase due to the amount of back-links he had. Also working in his favor was the online media frenzy his banning from Google created as every “man and his dog” wrote about the banning of  John from Google, this in-turn sent even more visitors to JohnChow.com. Chow now no longer needs Google, his traffic snowballed and kept doing so.

The main lesson learnt from the Johnchow vs Google fiasco is that a blogger should never solely depend on search engines for traffic.

Some easy ways to get traffic differently :

  • Guest Posting
  • Build a twitter following
  • Build a Facebook following
  • Befriend other top bloggers in your niche You might get mentioned by them
  • Comment on other Blogs in your niche (long informative comments work best)
  • submit articles to article directories (these are like small Google’ s for bloggers)

Now lets get your comments coming, what quotes have you heard that has had a positive affect on you and your blogging.What would you add to this list. I cant wait to hear from you.

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