Imagine a world without Facebook [infographic]

If you’re reading this blog you probably have Facebook, so no introductions needed.  Facebook has interwoven itself into many of our lives.

Facebook has made the world a smaller place allowing you to communicate with someone on the other side of the world without having to run your up telephone bill, you get to see pictures, videos and a lot of other things that makes it feel almost as if you are there experiencing life with them.

Check out this cool infographic I found on and begin to understand what a world, your world would be like without Facebook.


Considering that we never had Facebook a couple of years ago it should be easy for any of us to live without it right?

Do you think that you could get through life without Facebook or do you think it’s a must have part of your life?  I’d be interested in hearing from those who are and aren’t on Facebook.  Please drop your intellegent opinion below.

Peace – Chadwin

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